environmental conscientiousness

EnviroNew We can make a big difference to the big picture. Nearly a quarter of Greater London is gardens! They form a key part of our city’s health and host massive bio-diversity. Gardens reduce the impact of climate change by reducing the urban heat-island effect and reducing flood risk. Our taste for exotic plants provides a rich sources of food for a great diversity of insects and birds. A well managed garden is a carbon sink, locking up atmospheric carbon in the soil. Trees and plants absorb and take pollutants out of the air.

But we need to manage and care for our gardens in a sustainable way. We at Chauncey Gardens do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint and care for plants using organic gardening techniques.

We only use pesticides and fungicides when we have no other recourse.

We do not use artificial fertilizers. soil ecosystem

We do use mychorrhizal fungi, plenty of mulch and other organic gardening techniques to create a soil ecosystem that provides plants with all they need to grow healthily.

Healthy soil gives heathy plants that fend for themselves, reducing the need for pesticides and fertilizers.

All the green ‘waste’ we generate is either composted on site or reycled into compost at Highams Farm or by Bromley Council.

 We use bio-degradable oils in our fuels and tools.

Even the pens we use are made from recycled plastic!

We offer a range of technologies and approaches to reduce environmental impact:

–  Grey water recycling and rain water harvesting

–  Recycling and use of composted materials

–  Design of drought tolerant planting

–  Implementation of green walls and green roofs

–  Sustainable drainage systems, permeable paving ( flood reduction)

–  Soft landscaping solutions for urban areas

–  Waste minimisation measures

–  Maximum biodiversity within planting schemes

–  Ethical sourcing of hard landscape materials and strict observation of FSC and other codes

Call Fletcher on 07966 375496 or email any questions you have to inquiry@chaunceygardens.co.uk