The use of sculpture as part of gardens dates back to the Greeks and Romans. Sacred forms of Gods adorned temple grounds and private domestic gardens.

Nowadays tastes have changed but sculpture is still much used in garden design. A sculpture helps to define a space and add drama, adding an undeniably human element to the landscape. We can curate sculpture for your  garden or install pieces that you already have. Or you can commission a sculpture from Fletcher.

Fletcher’s preferred medium is found wood, creating abstract forms that sit well in nature. He enjoys working with materials found on site or reclaimed and recycled.

Commissions are taken on the basis of a clients brief or on the basis of providing a sculpture for a particular garden or setting. Prices start from £400.

Fletcher also makes furniture and lamps for interior design. His work has been show in galleries and sold in shops around London.

All enquiries to Fletcher on 07966 375496 07966 3754907966375496 or