Fencing comes in many shapes and sizes, but all need to be installed with precision and care. Often overlooked as a decorative feature in the garden, fencing is a long term investment worth doing well. As recent storms have shown, not all fences are equal.

A poor choice of fencing can make a garden feel claustrophobic and draw the eye when you should be looking at the lovely trees and plants you have. Heavy handed fencing can create dark spots and wind eddies that detract from the garden. With careful selection and design, the right fencing creates a safe and private space without being overbearing. cedar-fencing

We make every effort to be considerate and consult with neighbours. Boundaries are shared and installation usually requires access to their property.

The cost depends largely on the choice of materials used, but a typical feather edged fence costs around £80/m (including removing the old fence).

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