design and build

Whether it be a single feature or an entire garden, good design is the foundation on which to build. Time spent at the design phase pays dividends throughout the build and on into future enjoyment of the garden. Fletcher will work closely with our client to refine a design that makes the most of the space and creates a garden that fulfils the client’s ambitions.Gabriela and Norman plan drive-page-0 (2)

Key stages in the design/build process:

  • initial meeting to discuss what the client wants to use the space for and what features are desirable. Fletcher will advise on initial thoughts regarding achievability and layout. Good design starts with good observation so getting to know the site, and the client, is essential. We can give a rough idea of total budget at this stage.
  • second meeting where Fletcher will present initial ideas of layout, features, planting palette and materials. An estimate of costs will be calculated at this stage. The client can then decide if they wish to go ahead – a portion of the design costs are paid at this stage as a retainer.
  • there follows further emails and meetings to refine and finalise the design.
  • at this stage the client may wish to visit suppliers and nurseries with Fletcher, to purchase materials and plants. Clients pay suppliers directly as we do not put a mark-up on materials.
  • The build goes ahead with close consultation with the client at all stages. As the garden unfolds ideas can evolve and opportunities arise that prompt an evolution of the original design.

An advantage of using a design/build team is the continuity throughout the project. We will work to understand your lifestyle needs regarding the disruption caused during the build and attempt to minimize the impact. Our goal is that the process itself be enjoyable for the team and the customer.

Our gardens are so good they will even sell your house for you!